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AfriFindInvest (AFI)  supports those startups catalysing innovation to shape opportunities across the world’s fastest-growing frontier. Across Africa, young, urbanizing and growing populations are in need of smarter, localised solutions to meet the rising demand for essential goods and services across the continent.

No universal remedy exists for startups in need of funding at the early stage. All too often, a lack of mentor support, knowledge and networks, also presents Founders with huge obstacles to raising capital and building a scalable business. AFI aims to support African Founders across an otherwise opaque fundraising process. Learn more about our solutions for early-stage tech companies.

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“AFI’S PITS programme has been a great value-add, both to our startup and to me personally.
I highly recommend and look forward to keeping the collaboration going even beyond investor readiness.”

Manuel Tacanho

Afridom, Founder

Our offering

Despite a rapid increase in investment into Africa’s tech ecosystem, the percentage of early-stage companies securing funding remains low. AFI’s focus is on narrowing the asymmetry and reducing the gap between those raising and deploying capital in Africa’s early-stage tech ecosystem.
Our criteria: Technology, Post- Revenue, Pre-Series B.

Supporting Africa’s most innovative opportunities.
Our sector-agnostic portfolio spans multiple, tech-enabled sectors including Fintech, Insurtech, Mobility, Logistics, Cleantech, Edtech and Agtech.
Three complimentary solutions enable you to “
Identify, Align and Connect ” with the right investors. 

We offer you an initial call and document review

Document Review of Client



Investment Deck
Financial Model
Data Room

  • Book a commitment-free 45-minute call to learn more about our service for startups.

  • AFI will follow up any interest by requesting an Investment Deck, Financial Model and/or Data Room, under NDA if required.

  • If aligned, we will share our Model Proposal and Service Agreement.

1. Identify

Pre-Investor Technical Support (PITS I)

The First Steps: AFI informs and evaluates your fundraising value proposition.

Our insights create early-stage investment opportunities across the fastest-growing frontier.

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1.1 What Investors Look For



Investor Insight
Unit Economics
Forecasts / Ratios

As part of an interactive one-hour session, let AFI:

  • Share insight from our investor network on how to raise capital.

  • Highlight the importance of unit economics in the decision-making process.

  • Leverage the right ratios and forecasts to tell your story in the best light

1.2 Deck Lab



Investment Deck
Model Pitch
Review and Feedback

Across an insightful one-hour session, let AFI:

  • Present a model deck for your upcoming investor pitch.

  • Walk you through the model pitch.

  • Review your existing deck.

1.3 Data Room



Data Points
Investor Checklist

During an engaging one-hour session, let AFI :

  • Guide you across critical data points to meet investors’ expectations.

  • Share a checklist ensuring that the critical elements of your data room pitch are covered.

2. Align

Pre-Investor Technical Support (PITS II)

The Path Forward: Our Consultative service levels the terrain across a challenging fundraising landscape. Take any call or walk into any meeting knowing that you and your company are ready.

Our value-added services are the next step on the forward path.

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2.1 Consultative Deck Lab

Let us develop a pitch deck communicating your fundraising value proposition to investors



Deck Strategy 
Deck Design 
Deck Execution

AFI will

  • Share insight on a proven fundraising model

  • Develop compelling content showcasing the value proposition for investment

  • Collaborate with an AFI design partner for seamless deck execution 

2.2 Consultative Data Room

Let us build a comprehensive, accurate and objective picture of your company for investors 



Due Diligence Checklist
Data Room Design
Data Room Execution

AFI will

  • Generate a Due Diligence (DD) template tailored to investor expectations

  • Liaise with the Executive Team to enable timely and accurate data/inputs

  • Execute a Data Room providing optimal investor visibility

2.3 Pre-Investor Pitch (PIP)

Let us walk you through the delivery of your pitch, providing critical feedback along the way.



Elevator Pitch
Simulated Investor  Pitch
Product Demo

Two consultative sessions consist of

  • 60-minute Founder-led presentation.

    • Fine-tune your elevator pitch.

    • Present your deck in a controlled environment.

    • Showcase your product as part of a  client-investor simulation.

  • AFI-led feedback session, comprised of a written
    summary and a call

3. Connect

The Last Mile: AFI expands the reach of your fundraising value proposition through executive introductions to aligned investors.

Our services create early-stage investment opportunities across the fastest growing frontier.

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3.1 Matchmaking

Connect to qualified and interested investors



Active investor network
Qualified Introductions

  • AFI’s matchmaking service is enabled by an active network of qualified Africa-focused investors. AFI builds your investment case through the placement of a proprietary investment dashboard, with key highlights on your raise.

3.2 Pre-Investor Briefing (PIB)

On conditions being met



Proprietary Data

  • AFI's 30-min. pre-investor briefing provides you with critical signposting on where the investor has already invested and how they are likely to invest in the future. 

Work with AFI


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