AFI connects global private capital to Africa's most innovative companies. 

We enable Africa's next billion to secure a continent's transformation.

Our deal sourcing solution drives innovation, growth, and integration

across the world's fastest-growing frontier.

We nurture the seeds of Africa's growth.


We are the gateway to Africa's most promising ventures

Our client-focused matchmaking integrates the entire value chain of private investment.

We provide a seamless entry point for direct investment opportunities on the continent,

with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa.



We leverage local networks and research.

Investors receive accurate deal data.

Startups gain valuable knowledge.



We create real growth for our clients.

We help to de-risk the ecosystem for investors.

We align incentives across the startup ecosystem.



We connect private investment to Africa​.

Investors benefit from increased deal flow​.

Companies secure access to much-needed capital.



Our deep dive creates visibility on the undiscovered opportunity

We are constantly looking for transformative companies, solving big problems, and

unlocking lasting investment opportunities.



Tech-enabled startups will write Africa's future, innovating local marketplaces to enable affordable access to goods and services across the continent. ​


Strategic capital will turn proven solutions into viable 

opportunities for regional and international expansion. We work tactically to connect  qualified companies to Growth. 


Assimilating a rapidly growing startup ecosystem with an equitable share in capital will integrate Africa's investment landscape into global markets.


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Gbenga Odimayo

Gbenga continues to drive strategy and global business development at AFI, having covered African markets with UBS Switzerland, and HSBC Private Bank.

He has advised high-level public and private actors as a former Consultant and brings specialist insight on public policy, entrepreneurship and investment opportunities in Africa. 


Finding The Frontier | June 2020

In Finding The Frontier, we examine the trajectory and velocity of sub-Saharan Africa’s growth story in the context of COVID-19 and begin to uncover investment opportunities across its regional ecosystems.  


A fast-growing, young and urbanising population has led to an increase in product penetration rates and closed the inclusion gaps. Tech-enabled companies well positioned to capitalise on these and other trends discussed will enable the transformation of a continent and offer solid returns to savvy investors. 

Beyond The Frontier | October 2019

In Beyond The Frontier, we examine Africa’s growth story, the current investment landscape, and provide country and sector analyses.  


This wider perspective helps frame some key investment themes, enabling investors to make more informed decisions on opportunities across sub-Saharan Africa.